Iʼm Summer, a Charlotte NC wedding & portrait photographer. An icu nurse & mother to my sweet, sweet Layla Brooke. I remember my first polaroid camera way back when...I legit fell hopelessly in love. My love affair with photography has grown exponentially over the years. And Iʼve been creating memories & telling stories with my camera every since.I have countless pictures from over the years that I still enjoy today. Itʼs nothing for me to pull them out and spend the day going down memory lane.

My goal is to help preserve life in photos, freeze a moment in time. Because realistically there comes a time when thatʼs all we have left. Often times we realize this after itʼs much too late. Let me serve you, help you create memories that your family can pull out & spend the day reliving.

If youʼve made it this far weʼre legit friends. Letʼs chat.


just my style...

Nudes are my favorite; nude shades that is.


I legit watch The Holiday every year...while speaking in my British voice too.


If I could live anywhere I'd choose California every single time....


My designer bags are essential.


Listen, listen...I adore a nice time piece.


I may or may not eat french fries like every single day while incessantly laughing. And I look forward to it!


I thoroughly enjoy reading God's word...it feeds my soul.