1. Amy Suitt says:

    Summer recently did the shoot for my wedding. What made it so special, is that the wedding was done for me by Wish Upon a Wedding, an amazing group that grants wedding wishes to terminally ill patients and Summer stepped up as the photographer.

    First, she came in and felt like family. Everyone loved her spirit and her energy. She became as much a part of our group as anyone there. I remember looking for her – not to see if she was capturing a moment, but because she became a necessary part of our crowd.

    She made me feel beautiful. Every pose, every setting, she made me feel absolutely stunning. Now, I have issues with my appearance. Between my size and all the scars cancer has left, I never thought I’d feel that way again. Summer’s words and excitement brought that out of me. And I am forever grateful for that.

    Thank you Summer. For the experience. You are an amazing person and I am honored to know you.

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